10 Problems, One Solution! Exercising.

Sometimes all you need is the right song, in the right moment, for the right workout, to change everything. Exercise is a celebration of what our bodies can do and, not a punishment for what we choose to eat. There’s so much more to exercise than just weight loss.

10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Here, we give you 10 benefits of regular exercise. In short 10 problems 1 solution.

1. It keeps you energetic. When you indulge in a workout, your energy is consumed. This causes your body to produce more energy and this is done by the powerhouses of your body called mitochondria. This means the more you’re physically active, the more energetic you’ll be. So, are you ready for some rush?

2. It keeps your muscles and bones strong and healthy. Regular exercise builds and strengthens muscles that in turn protect the bones and joints. It also improves blood supply to the muscles and increases the oxygen saturation levels thereby, protecting the body from various diseases.


3. It reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases. Regular exercise has several health benefits. It keeps the body active and fit. And, it also improves heart health. For people with high blood pressures, exercise can lower the risks of getting heart diseases. Exercise also lowers the risk of breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. Exercise speeds up our metabolism and thereby, reducing the risks of sickness and chronic diseases.

4. It makes you look younger. Want to look young and radiant? Well, exercise is the mantra! When you indulge in any kind of physical workout, your blood flow increases which in turn sends more oxygen to the cells and eliminates your bodily wastes. When you workout you sweat and when you sweat your pores open, that are otherwise clogged and helps you to get rid of all the build up inside your skin. Exercise keeps your skin cells active and healthy thus, making your skin glowing and radiant.

5. It improves the quality of sleep that you get. When you workout in the morning it keeps you energetic throughout the day and promotes better quality of sleep. If you prefer to workout in the evening, relaxing exercises like yoga, meditation, stretching can have a positive impact on your sleep
cycle. Exercise also contributes in lowering your stress levels that in turn contribute towards the longevity of life. Now, who wouldn’t want to live an extra 10-15 years of their life? Along with right nutrition and exercise, taking right supplements contributes towards a healthy and stress free lifestyle.


6. It helps to keep your body weight in check. Exercise is a great way to keep your body weight in check. If you follow a diet and incorporate a generous amount of exercise in your daily routine then, your body weight
will be automatically in control. It’s a simple formula, if you want to maintain a healthy body weight then the calories you consume should be equal to calories you burn and if you want to lose weight then you must burn more than you consume.

7. It improves your mental health. We already know that exercise is a blessing for your body. But, is that enough to keep one motivated to workout? People who workout regularly know that it gives them a sense of well-being. It keeps you energetic, motivated, relaxed and positive. Exercise is a treatment in itself for stress, anxiety and depression. If done properly, exercise is a complete set of medicine for various problems.

8. It keeps your hormone levels maintained the hormones that are most associated with exercise are insulin, cortisol and oxytocin. Exercise is a great way to prevent insulin resistance, thereby correcting excess insulin
and blood sugar before they cause any damage. Cortisol supports energy metabolism by dismantling your blood fats and proteins to manufacture glucose that in turn helps to fuel exercise. Oxytocin is the reason you feel so great after a workout. You know, the happy hormone.

9. It helps to have a higher self-esteem exercise helps to make you fit and when you’re fit, you look good and when you look good you automatically feel good. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride. It alleviates your mood and influences your mind into believing in positive thoughts. It
makes you confident about your physique and personality.

10. It improves your mood and has an overall positive impact on your emotions for this you can thank those little feel-good hormones called endorphins for that. They’re released when you move your body and work up a sweat, they increase your memory, energy levels and your sense of well-being too. It’s not all about increasing your strength, getting those abs, exercise also boosts your brain power and gets you buzzing in the best possible way.


To stay healthy and fit it is important to take out time and exercise on a regular basis. Along with exercise and physical activities, it’s equally important to eat clean and take your vitamins and supplements properly. A combination of eating healthy and exercising regularly ensures a clean body and an active mind.