A health supplement having 1000 times more nutritious value than veggies!!

Spirulina or 'super food' may not ring a bell to you. But, what if we say that NASA is planning to grow it as health supplement for its astronauts...well, sounds like a plot from a Hollywood sci-fi? Ok then read this - one KG of Spirulina is equivalent to 1000 KG of assorted vegetables.

Kamree Spirulina


Before we delve into why you should add this super food into your diet, let's first understand more about Spirulina.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a supplement much talked about because of its nutrient value. It is a 100% natural spiral shaped algae, otherwise referred to as cyanbacteria. It is an extremely rich source of food, made up of protein and amino acids, and is highly recommended to vegetarians for its natural iron and vitamin B content.

Benefits of Spirulina

Since it is incredible source of protein and vitamins in the concentrated form, it is classified as the “most nutrient dense food”.  The high concentration of protein and iron makes Spirulina, ideal during pregnancy, after surgery, and for those who are anemic. It helps in healthy metabolism and helps in burning fat during exercise. The nutrients and anti-oxidants in Spirulina benefit both body and brain.

Another advantage that we get from Spirulina is its richness in anti-oxidants which prevents premature ageing of cells.

Various studies show that Spirulina has anti-cancer cells that help in cancer prevention. Since it is high source of anti-oxidants, it helps is fighting cancer as anti-oxidants lowers the risk of cancer.

Spirulina is also helpful in fighting allergies. It is a good option for those down with stuffy nose, itchy throat etc.

Stress and fast paced life has made us inactive; even the nutrition we get from our daily food intake might not be sufficient and hence result in fatigue, lack of concentration, lifestyle diseases. Hence, we need a supplement must for our daily routine that keeps our body energized. Spirulina supports good cardiovascular function, majorly strengthens immune system and boosts our metabolism thus reducing weight without losing on nutrition. 


Well if you want be nutritionally balanced and lead a ‘healthy’ life in true sense then it’s worth giving a try to this highly nutritive food supplement. It is a great food supplement with multiple benefits. Kamree is the place where your search for nutrition ends. Click here to order now and see the benefits yourself.

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