Age gracefully!

Age and lifestyle factors contribute a lot to our skin aging at a fast pace. Other than the environmental factors, Genetics also play a key role in aging of our skin. It’s usually between the 40’s and 50’s that our skin sees a lot of changes, it starts loosing elasticity, muscle and fat of the face start thinning, pigmentation and those fine lines become prominent. 

Signs of Aging Skin

Some typical signs of aging skin are:

  • It becomes rough, dry and itchy
  • The loss of elasticity makes it saggy
  • Gets more fragile
  • Gets easily bruised

Some aging signs are very prominent and appear at an early stage while others appear slowly. To take care of these early signs of aging let us check out some easy to do tips:

  • Avoid going out in Sun 

UV rays of the Sun penetrate into the skin, causing damage to the elastic fibers that help keep the skin firmer. This is one of the reasons for development of wrinkles. It is therefore advisable to avoid sun as much possible and if you really need to step out then apply a sun tanner.

  • Eat healthy and a well-balanced diet

As it is said what you eat shows on your skin. The more the healthier your diet is the more replenished your skin becomes. Adding greens and fruits to your diet not only nourishes you internally but also gives your dull skin nourishment.

  • Drink lots of water

Water is a hydrator for our body. Its helps maintain skin’s elasticity, which further reduces wrinkles and those prominent soft lines.

  • Exercising also helps rejuvenate the skin

As we start to age we start losing muscle mass. Exercising improves blood circulation in our body and boosts our immune system, which gives our skin a fuller appearance. 

  • Gentle cleansing

A daily cleansing routine helps remove impurities and toxins from skin and helps maintain skin’s natural moisture balance. You can opt for Kamree’s Shea Butter Cleansing Milk prepared with a combination of blue lotus, green tea and aloe vera extracts, which acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

  • A good facial massage

A good facial massage helps relax your face muscles and tighten your skin. Massaging promotes oxygen and blood flow in our skin. It also helps in collagen production that prevents formation of wrinkles.

Massage followed by Kamree’s Anti Age Delineating Masque keeps your skin firmer and gives you a brighter skin. Enriched with Shilajit, the anti age mask helps rejuvenate the skin.

  • Stop smoking and drink less alcohol

Smoking and excess consumption of alcohol can speed up the normal aging process of your skin. So, it is advisable and even benefits health if you stop smoking and consume less alcohol.


Following these basic tips can keep you nourished inside out by keeping your skin healthy and even give a boost to your immune system. Wish you a happy and healthy skin!