Give your masculinity a natural boost

Changing lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, increased food contamination, sedentary habits, etc. are impacting our bodies in many ways than we can imagine. Hormones that play a vital role in our body’s development and growth witness their impact the most. One such hormone facing the wrath of changing human lifestyle is Testosterone.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for features associated with masculinity such as male sexual health and development, facial hair, fertility, muscle growth, fat loss, and other general health features. An optimum level of testosterone is identified to be essential for the growth and general health of men through their adulthood. It is observed that optimum health, low disease contracting risk, and ideal body composition get compromised due to decreased testosterone levels in the body.

Low levels of testosterone are also identified to affect athletic performance significantly. As a result, decreased stamina and lean muscle building, mid-workout fatigue, increased post-workout recovery time are often observed.

As one ages, it is known that a decrease in testosterone levels occurs. Various researches have found that on an average over 1% reduction in hormone production occurs every year in men over the age of 30. However, lifestyle reasons as mentioned above are accelerating this phenomenon.

So, what should one do? Compromise health due to this physiological change?

Not at all, nature has come with a cure. Indian ayurveda always has natural remedies for any health threats faced by humans.

As per ayurveda Shilajit (known to improve general health and well-being), Ashwagandha (known to have a positive impact on male fertility, exercise performance, strength, and fat loss and boosting testosterone levels) and Safed Musli (known to improve sexual activity and fertility) are magic herbs to boost testosterone levels and counter the health impacts brought due to its decreased levels.

Kamree’s Testosterone Booster is an ayurvedic blend of these magic herbs i.e. Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Safed Musli. Consumption of 1 capsule before a workout provides constant energy and supports strength building. It helps in boosting testosterone levels which in effect helps in increasing lean muscle building, improving workout stamina, and decreasing post-workout recovery time. It optimizes fat metabolism and thereby assists in improvement in athletic performance and building muscle mass. But please remember to add extra bottles of water while consuming this ayurvedic formula.

So, with Kamree’s ayurvedic boost to the male hormone, shun the excuses and take charge of your health. Improve your diet, exercise regularly, and experience new you.