Hair and care!

With such drastic changes in our lifestyle due to pandemic, the stress levels are at an all time high. The disruption of schedules and uncertainties of future is all causing stress. These high stress levels cause hormonal imbalance, which further affect the natural growth of hair. Thinning of hair, receding hairline, temporary or permanent hair loss are some of the basic problems most of us have to deal with.

But as someone rightly quoted “Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”, it is just a simple hair care routine that one needs to follow to get well-nourished hair. But before we delve into the hair care routine that we should follow, let us first look into some of the probable causes for hair fall.

It is absolutely normal to have hair fall out everyday as the new hair replaces the lost hair constantly. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal for a person to lose about 50–100 hairs each day as each hair follicle goes through a cycle that includes a growth stage and a rest stage before the hair falls out.

Hair Care Routine

Regardless of the type, temporary or permanent hair loss can be because of several reasons:

  • Hereditary
  • Medications
  • Hormonal Imbalance 
  • No proper hair care
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Hair pull ups due to styling

Though the above mentioned hair loss problems can be taken care of by following a good hair care routine. Some recommendations here:

  • Food for hair – Like our skin and body, our hair also needs some essential nutrients to keep them in good health. Some of the recommended intakes are Omega-3, Vitamin D, eggs, green leafy vegetables, fruits & nuts.
  • Good oil massage – A good pre-wash oil massage on the scalp and hair strands increases the blood flow and conditions your hair. Apply oil leaving it for 30 minutes before shampooing your hair.
  • Cleansing of hair – Our scalp is exposed to lot of dust due to regular house chores, exercising and commuting. This results in the scalp becoming dirty and oily. Using the right kind of shampoo for hair wash is a must to keep the hair nourished. 

Kamree Hair Growth Shampoo infused with Bhringraj, known as food for hair in Ayurveda has the ability to boost hair growth while Shikakai helps control dandruff and stimulate the growth of new hair. The shampoo cleanses away impurities while preserving hair’s natural moisture balance.

  • Hair conditioning – Post cleansing your scalp, conditioning your hair with Kamree Shine & Strength Conditioner leaves your hair revitalized and smooth. Prepared with fresh Hibiscus the conditioner leaves hair beautifully soft while reducing frizz. Coconut Oil and Amla help restore moisture while the rich and potent formula nourishes the scalp and adds volume to your hair.

  • Use a hair mask – Hair masks provide that extra nourishment and result in shine and strengthening of hair. Hair masks help repair dryness and stop frizz preventing further damage.
    Kamree Hair Mask helps rejuvenate and hydrate hair, giving it energy, shine and volume. The blend of Avocado Oil helps deeply nourish hair and keeps dryness at bay leading to frizz-free hair. Argan Oil present in it helps in retaining hair moisture and prevents split ends and Aloe Vera deeply nourishes the hair root.

Following a good hair care regime is as important as taking care of your skin. Keeping the impurities at bay, using the right kind of products and eating the right food gives your hair a new and beautiful life.