PCOS, Irregular Menstruation Cycle and Women Supplement

PCOS: Common Causes & Treatment

The rising rate of infertility among women has alerted doctors/physicians all across the world. The prominent cause of the emerging problem is an acute endocrine disorder known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Though PCOS is not a new health problem, the rise in its frequency is surely a problem. A couple of decades ago, PCOS wasn't so common but today every one in ten women is affected by it. The symptoms include irregular menstrual cycles, acne, hair loss, or hairiness. Furthermore, these conditions which are earlier found in mature ladies, are now hitting the teenage girls hitting puberty.

PCOS affects a woman's hormone levels. It is when a woman produces higher-than-normal amounts of male hormones. The problem makes it harder for them to become pregnant. Moreover, it can also contribute to long-term health issues, such as heart diseases and diabetes.

PCOS impacts women's ovaries, the reproduction system that further produces estrogen and progesterone — hormones that are responsible for periods. The ovaries also develop a small number of androgens - male hormones. Hence, it affects the ovaries and ovulation (ovaries releasing eggs) process.

Its main features include - cysts in ovaries, an increase in male hormones, disturbed or skipped menstruation cycle.

The common causes of PCOS include:


The sedentary lifestyle contributes to the increasing spread of PCOS in young ladies. Lack of physical activity, exercise, weight gain, and obesity lead to imbalance metabolism like insulin resistance that is really high in the urban Indian population.

Dietary Changes:

Lack of nutritional food and dietary supplements, such as Kamree PCOS Capsules lead to rising of the syndrome in today's women. It can be treated through regular supplement intake plus having a balanced fiber-rich diet that opposes insulin resistance.

Birth Control Pills:

Women using a large number of birth control pills often suffer irregularities in their periods. Popping such tablets for a longer run causes insulin resistance and may lead to PCOS. Furthermore, these pills compressed down the communication between ovaries and pituitary gland, when taken in high volume, it results in permanently damaging the function of both the organs.

Environmental Factors:

Sometimes the environmental factors including environmental toxins, lack of diet & nutrition, geography, and socio-economic status disrupt reproductive health and may develop PCOS. 

Insulin Resistance:

From the above pointers, you've realized that insulin resistance is one of the prime causes of PCOS. It is caused due to the consumption of concentrated fructose in large amounts in addition to smoking, obesity, trans fats, environmental pollutants, stress level, depression, and much more. If it remains untreated, it gives way to hazardous health conditions, like cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, endometrial cancer, and more.

PCOS is a modern-day widely prevalent disorder amongst women. It is not deadly unless it is treated well beforehand. A healthy diet, balanced nutrition, and physical exercise can surely help you cure it. Moreover, natural PCOS supplements also support in preventing the disorder!