Looking for that lustrous hair, supple skin and strong nails? Biotin is the answer to it!

Glowing skin, stronger nails and long luscious hair; a dream every girl has since childhood. There are various factors like change in hormones, diet intake, stress levels and hair care routine that makes a difference on the appearance of your skin, the quality of your hair and strength of your nails. As we age we start losing on those beautiful long lustrous hair, the nails become brittle and our skin loses its suppleness. 

To improve the appearance of our skin and for those strong nails and hair, the intake of a dietary supplement becomes a must. Biotin is one name that comes to mind when you think of a vitamin for skin, hair and nails. Lets check out what Biotin is and what are the advantages it can offer you. 

What is Biotin?

Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 is a dietary supplement for strengthening hair, nails and to get that supple skin you want. Eggs, nuts, milk and bananas are the foods that contain small amount of biotin.  Biotin is an essential vitamin that takes care of the deficiency of Vitamin B, which leads of hair thinning, brittle nails and dull skin. 

Benefits of Biotin for Hair, nails and skin


Biotin or Vitamin B7 produces certain amount of Keratin that may help increase the rate of follicle growth. Intake of small amount of Biotin and Biotin rich diet can help give you that longer, straighter, more beautiful hair that you have been longing for. Biotin deficiency is very rare and eating Biotin rich diet can be beneficial in most of the cases. 

Many hair care product manufacturers claim that shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair oils contain Biotin that leads to thicker and shiny hair but there is no research that supports it.


Biotin stimulates healthy cell growth and allows the body to turn food into energy. Soft nails are more prone to breaking and Biotin dietary supplement helps strengthen those brittle nails. It aids in the metabolism of protein building amino acids essential for nail growth. 


As it takes care of the hair giving it a boost, similarly Biotin takes care of the skin giving it a glow and nourishment. The fatty acids produced by Biotin help maintain a beautiful skin and enhances its appearance. Biotin helps fortify a super dry skin and helps oil glands function properly.

In addition to taking Biotin dietary supplements, maintaining a consistent routine for hair, skin and fingernails care will give you better results and natural cure. 

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