Multivitamins; energy packed whole-food to keep you healthy

When we talk about a healthy diet, the first question that comes to our mind is, does it include the required vitamins and minerals and in sufficient quantity? To meet our daily nutrition requirements we need to have a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals. But do the vegetables, fruits and dairy products that we consume take care of the overall nutrition required by the body?

Not actually! Our body needs more. It becomes a must to add supplements that fill up our daily needs of vitamins and minerals for overall health development. So, what kind of supplements helps us fill the nutritional gaps? It’s the multivitamin tablets that ensure that our body does not miss out on the required nutrients.

What are multivitamins?

Multivitamins are supplementary substitutes that contain essential vitamins and minerals to fulfil our body’s nutritional requirements. It takes care of overall well-being and development of our body. Vitamins are considered as building blocks of our body and are taken to prevent illness and deficiency of nutrients due to poor diet, during pregnancy etc.

What benefits do multivitamins offer?

  • Is an immunity booster– Multivitamins ensure that the body's immune system becomes strong with adequate intake of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A strong immune system supports the overall well-being of our body.
  • Helps in growth and development of the body– The intake of required Vitamins support the growth and development of our body, which is not fulfilled by the regular diet we take.
  • Take care of the healthy functioning of the brain– A deficiency of vitamins can lead to memory loss, therefore, sufficient intake of vitamins is essential as it acts as a fuel for the nervous system.
  • Act as a shield against infections and allergies– Intake of adequate vitamins increases the body's resistance to infections and allergies.

So what is the best multivitamin one should look out for?

A Multivitamin tablet that comprises Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Folic acid, and Vitamin B-12 is the one that suffices the requirement of vitamins and minerals in the body. Kamree offers different nutrients for different body needs multivitamin tablets for men and multivitamin tablets for women.

Kamree Multivitamin for Women with Probiotics is a composition of 43 ingredients that support active lifestyle in women. These vegetarian best multivitamin tablets for women are especially formulated with nutrients and herbal extracts that help improve overall health and wellness in women. These 8 nutrients in 1 supplement helps boost energy, supports metabolism and is a good vitamin for hair, skin and digestion.

A booster for strong immune system, stamina and energy for men, Kamree Multivitamin for men tablets is a combination of 67 ingredients and 13 vital blends. This pack of 90 multivitamin tablets is the best multivitamin for men with essential Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants. These best multivitamin tablets for men with essential vitamins and minerals are a true powerhouse for a healthy growing body.

Though there are no side effects as such associated with Multivitamins when taken as directed, but for some it may cause headache, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and some other effects too. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult your physician before you start regular intake of multivitamins.