Poop, food & Laxatives!

Embarrassed to have a poop talk? Most of the people feel uncomfortable to talk about it, though it is vital to have this conversation between parents and children.

Constipation is a hard truth that occurs due to diet and lifestyle changes. Some of the common causes for constipation include dehydration, lack of dietary fibre, physical inactivity or medication side effects.

Cure – Food and Laxatives


Fiber or roughage as you know it, is the part of plant-based foods that the body can't break down. It keeps the digestive system clean and healthy, easing bowel movements, and flushing cholesterol out of the body.

Plant foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans, have fiber in them. A fiber rich diet and drinking plenty of fluids helps keep stools soft and speeds digestion.


Laxative used to treat and prevent constipation are substance that loosen stools and increase bowel movement.

Kamree’s Laxative Ayurvedic is one such formula to cleanse your body through gentle laxative action and helps improve your overall health. It enhances energy, better digestion, faster metabolism and less bloating.

When do Laxatives come in picture?

Fiber helps in easy bowel movements and prevents constipation, but when it doesn’t that is the point when a laxative is introduced. Travel, stress, illness, heat exposure, low hydration, pregnancy, dietary changes, and low levels of exercise or activity are some of the causes of short-term constipation. One dose of laxative can be a good cure for this.

There are long-term reasons too for constipation; it’s old age, some health ailment and when someone is on a certain medication for long.

Choosing the type of laxative depends on how long the symptoms have been there, how severe the constipation is or may be how quickly one wants to see the results.

It is good to use laxatives for short term but regular use of laxatives can make one dependent on them and can also have some side effects, which may lead to increase in constipation when their intake is stopped.