Self-Care is the new Health Care. How Exactly?

Ever since Corona Virus has arrived in our lives, it has drastically affected and changed the way we live. From work from home to online classes and what not, we’ve been almost caged in our surroundings. In these unprecedented times, it has become important to focus on self-care practices to take care of our physical as well as emotional well-being. Stress and anxiety are two of the most common things that somewhere, we all are dealing with apart from the physical discomforts.

Self-Care Tips

Here, we bring a few self-care tips for you to practice to get through these tough times.

  1. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

We all are aware of how serious the situation is and what’s most important now is, to maintain a neat, clean and hygienic atmosphere around our-self. So, spend some time and put a little extra effort when it comes to cleaning. It’s also therapeutically satisfying to see everything clean and safe.

  1. Focus on getting the right nourishment

We somehow got ourselves living in a society where we’re told it’s not good to feel hungry AND it’s not okay to be full. We hear or say, “What is wrong with me I can’t stop eating?” Hunger is a natural feeling. There’s nothing wrong with that. Re-look at the foods you’re eating and add in (NOT subtract) maybe more satisfying foods ie: fiber, certain fats and protein. You need to incorporate the right set of nutrients and vitamins in your diet to build your immune system strong enough to be able to fight the diseases.

  1. Try a home workout

In times like these, we should avoid going out as much as possible. But fitness is something that we should not compromise on. So, follow a home workout regime to stay fit and healthy. It’s not about getting those perfect abs, rather it’s about being physically fit and building immunity. Sometimes, a home workout is all the therapy needed to feel good.

  1. Prioritize your sleep

Your body needs rest and so does your brain. So, sleep well. It’s pretty much the solution to every problem. Lack of sleep can cause your immune system to slow down and makes us more susceptible to diseases and infections. Moreover, sleep is a stress buster. If you’re facing problems with getting proper sleep then, you can try some natural supplements that promote sleep and help to relieve stress.


  1. Invest your time in learning a new skill

In order to grow in life,one must never stop learning. Now that we have some time on our hands, why not utilize it to learn a new skill that is actually helpful? Browse through the internet and we are sure that you’ll find a number of things that you’d want to learn.

  1. Try making new hobbies

Self-care means nourishing yourself on all the possible levels to promote the feeling of well-being. And for that, hobbies are a great thing. Not only they distract you from worries and troubles but, they also help you to work on something other than what you do in your daily routine like baking, drawing, singing, dancing anything. Anything that makes you happy and content is worth trying.

  1. Get a meditation break

You don’t have to select a special place or a specific time to meditate. You can do it whenever you want; wherever you want. It doesn’t require any equipment. And it works wonders in combating stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. Just make your mind and devote a few hours or even a few minutes to it and you’ll see the positive changes.

  1. Avoid binge eating and keep stress-relieving supplements handy

We know it gets difficult to differentiate between being hungry and being bored (happens with everyone) but it’s important to keep a check on what you’re consuming. Try things that have a stress-relieving effect on your body and are healthy for your gut. Foods like a nice vegetable soup, a peanut butter sandwich and other things that have Omega-3 and other vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Freshen up your mind

Take some time off from watching news and those zoom calls. Select a movie that you’ve been wanting to watch or even better try reading a book. Reading is a habit that teaches us patience and brings so much peace. And if you don’t like reading then, you haven’t found the right book yet. Keep reading!

  1. Practice positive affirmations

Not feeling emotionally well when you’re stressed is a normal thing. To overcome that you need to bring positivity to your life. Do things that genuinely make you happy. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Try the art of simple living. And, most importantly practice positive affirmations when you’re not feeling your best.