Protein health drinks - Tips

Protein health drinks; the flavors are plenty and so are the brands. Confused with the variants of protein powders you see on the shelves of your nearby health stores? Not that difficult to choose than it seems; once you set your goals right, it becomes easy to choose from the options available.

What is a protein powder?

Proteins that we derive from plants, eggs and animals available in powdered form are called protein powders. These may include artificial flavors, added sugars, vitamins and minerals.

Protein powders can be used either for losing weight or to build muscle mass or may be for wholesome nourishment of the body.

Choosing the right one

  • Ascertain your goals - losing weight, gaining muscle mass or overall sustenance for the body?
    • Wish to lose weight? One of the ways to use protein powder for weight loss is as a meal replacement. One scoop of Kamree Wheycam, whey concentrate protein powder mixed with water or milk can be a healthy replacement for a meal or snacks. It helps you keep full for a longer time.
    • Building muscle mass – Whey protein isolates is a perfect nutrition partner post workout. Muscle tissues break down when we exercise; whey isolates are good for building muscle mass and toning of body. Kamree Protein Isolate is designed to provide a rich source for building muscles. It supports faster recovery.
  • Labels are to be read thoroughly – Going through the nutrition label is of utmost importance. It is advisable to choose a protein powder that offers low fat and sugar content. A check on the use of artificial sweeteners is also a must.
  • Protein powder intake should be regularized – As they say excess of anything is bad, same goes for excess drinking of protein shakes. Whether your aim is body building or you are looking out to lose weight, drinking too much of protein can lead to gaining fat if you are unable to digest it.
It’s just a matter of being mindful about your choices. The protein intake you follow and these bits of instructions can make your protein powder a best friend for your body for a lifetime.