Why not make your skin happy and glowing this monsoon?

How do you deal with so much fluctuation of skin during the monsoon because of such drastic changes in humidity levels? The skin is prone to become too oily and sweaty due to excessive humidity. Having oily skin is a common problem faced by many during monsoon and requires extra care to avoid any skin issues like acne, fungi etc. It is actually a little hard to take care of the skin during monsoons as the oily skin attracts dust and bacteria present in the air.

A good skin care routine and choosing the right kind of skin care product is essential to keep your skin monsoon happy. Let us go through some simple tips to take care of your skin.

  • Cleansing is basic

Rainy season brings with it acne because of the clogged pores and skin infections because of inadequate skin cleansing. So, it becomes essential to cleanse the skin regularly. Using an oil control face wash for cleansing the face twice a day can be useful.

So, which face wash will be good for getting rid of that excess oil on your face?

A face wash with natural ingredients, which deeply cleanses the skin removing that excess oil and taking care of over dryness. Kamree Oil-Free Anti Acne Face wash infused with Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera wash is the one to vouch for. The face wash with Micro clear technology is an alcohol free cleanser that provides deep cleansing without over-drying your skin. It penetrates deep to clean pores to help prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup.

  • Tone up is next

The next step to skincare is using a toner. Kamree Cucumber & Vitamin C Toner is a hydrating and moisturizing toner that gives your skin a healthy boost of nourishment and radiance. The presence of Vitamin C helps in reducing large pores & nourishes the skin. The toner also helps in firming the skin & reducing the appearance of fine lines.

  • Exfoliate

A gentle scrub twice a week helps skin to stay clear of acne and dullness.

  • Eat right and drink lots

Monsoons are the times when we indulge in a lot of unhealthy food. Be it any season, we need to take care by eating healthy and hygienically cooked food. Water is one source, which if taken in appropriate quantities keeps the body healthy and the skin glowing.

Lets indulge in these healthy habits this monsoon for our skin and keep it happy and blossoming!