Lips, Lips those rosy lips!

Like majority people are you also struggling for those smooth, soft, rosy lips? The way we follow a skin care regime or take care of our hair, we hardly make any effort for those beautiful lips.

Our lips have the tendency to become chapped or cracked during the winter season; even summers have their effects on our lips as extreme heat can cause chapping. Our lips are particularly sensitive and require that extra care and attention.

Get Healthy-Looking Lips

There are just two simple ways to keep these beautiful two in good shape; hydrate and exfoliate

  • Hydrate –

    Drink lots of water and avoid sucking your lips, which pulls all the moisture and makes them dry. You can apply Kamree Lip Plumper overnight, which helps keep your lips soft and reduces the chances of running your tongue over it. This tingly plumper from Kamree, uses a powerful blend of raw mango paprika & mint to enhance lips’ natural color & shape further increasing blood circulation of your lips.

Kamree Lip Plumper

  • Exfoliate –

    Using a lips scrub exfoliator is the first step to softer and smoother lips and helps improve lip volume. It helps remove the dead and dry skin of lips keeping them smooth and soft.

Exfoliate your lips with Kamree Strawberry Lip Scrub gel, the lip scrub for pink lips. The lip scrubber is designed to restore the original colour of your lips and make them rosy, soft and plump.

Kamree Lip Scrub, the lip scrub for dry lips, enriched with raw cane sugar that exfoliates the dead skin cells reviving your lips into nourished & conditioned ones. The lip scrub benefits by removing pigmentation & tan from your lips.

Kamree Strawberry Lip Scrub Gel

Repeating this often with a natural lip srub and gel from Kamree will moisturize, hydrate and soften those chapped lips.