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Ayurveda has a strong record as an ancient discipline of living, and its core principles are still relevant today. The Kamree product range is based on Ayurvedic doctrines and includes authentic ayurvedic ingredients for special nutritional benefits as indicated in Ayurveda writings. Although upholding the age-old ideals, the products are designed to suit new lifestyles....

The Indian brand, Kamree, manufactures special, accredited natural Ayurvedic products. Scroll our seasoning list for Ayurvedic products today and pick from a wide selection product available online on our website including natural peanut butter, whey protein, medicinal capsules and many more. Also, refresh your palette with our tastiest homemade pickles! Ayurveda finds beauty to be a representation of the unity and dignity of your body, mind and spirit. Do not forget to explore our body care goods right now!

1. Authentic formulations and conventional production
2. Purest raw materials from accredited renewable & natural resources
3. Approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
4. Subject to stringent quality standards
5. Our nutritional supplements are the premium level Ayurveda labelled
6. Natural-certified beauty products

Nutrition and understanding of the influence of food on the body play a vital role in Ayurveda. In sourcing our products, we have been cautious to provide only natural and mainly organic food of the highest standard in our selection. All products are free from toxic compounds and synthetic flavourings.

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