Kamree Lean Muscle - 60 Capsules

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Works in a way you might not think of

I've bought 4 of these and I can tell you right off the bat that it does not make you lose weight immediately.
What it does is eliminate your craveness for high calorie foods. That happened to me, I went on for 2 months wanting only what's healthy and necessary to keep my belly full. I was 79kg before I bought these and now I'm 73kg. I still have two more containers to go. I hope they can keep my weight to 70kg or less.

Plus it has no side effects

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

reena bhardwaj
flat belly area

the belly area need to be reduced , others has failed where it has worked , the works can be observed when it helps you to get in shape back as you were in normal.
the hunger is controlled with it and i have keep my diet check so all together it has made impact on me.
good to feel back in shape now.

It's a good product

After my trial with Laxative (which I am pretty happy with), I have just started with "Lean muscle"! It's only a couple of days since I have used it and I do sense some changes with my metabolism....There is an effect but I know that it needs time! Worth the attempt at this price and especially being a natural product!
Will update inputs at the completion of my one month course!

rina roy
Amazing product...works in with weight lossing�

This is an amazing product as because it helped me to reduce 2kgs weight in a month ...i am very happy with the result ...having an obese structure in the first place always made me frustrated...but the results had made feel confident focussed and energized...thank you and all the best

Thank you for your valuable feedback.


Nice product. Results will surely visible if follow it regularly.

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