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Kamree Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • From $6.50
Kamree Liver Care and Detox - Ayurvedic
  • $26.00
Kamree Biotin 10,000 mcg + Amla 350 mg
  • $28.00
Kamree Ashwagandha - Ayurvedic
  • $22.00
Kamree Shilajit - Ayurvedic
  • $26.00
Kamree Almond Butter
  • $8.50
Kamree Multivitamin
  • $30.00
Kamree Laxative - Ayurvedic
  • $20.00

Ayurvedic Liver Care & Detox

It supports in ejecting out toxins from your system. Since it is a herb-enzyme blend, it helps in healthy liver functioning. 

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Words from Our Valuable Customers

It's really helpful and a really very nice product. If you are really looking forward to take multivitamins then you can totally rely on this brand.


The taste is superb. Tastes really like chocolate even with the peanuts in it. People would believe if I told them this is choco cream. I'll finish this bottle in weeks, can't keep my hands off it.


Oh! So delicious. I have to say i was a lil reluctant to buy it first but now i can't keep my spoon away from the Jar. Kamree Lived upto it's name and words both.


I am not a fan of Peanut butters, if you take a peek at the list of ingredients it is horrendous. But this PB is so yummy. It's all natural. I never thought I'd like crunchy version EVER!


Testostrone product is amazing it helps me to increase my strength in heavy lifting. Every gym buddy must use this it’s my guarantee you will purchase this again & again.


I have bought countless jars of peanut butter it never occurred to me to buy almond butter. Let me tell you the taste and aroma is on another level. So if you haven't tried it you definitely should.


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