Kamree: Our Nation, Our Products

When the 2020 pandemic hit, the whole world came to a halt. With no movements across roads, every person got confined & trapped. It was the time, no one ever anticipated. Besides life, work or business also faced deep set-back. Despite the flaws, there was something peculiar to look at & realize. Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic taught us the ways to lead a life we couldn't have ever otherwise thought of. One such lesson was to build a self-dependent nation. As the situation little relieved, India, as a whole, understand the need for independence from imports & foreign products and the Govt. launched the campaign 'Vocal for Local'.

This was the moment when we came up with the idea of "KAMREE" - a multi-product company. It is designed and developed to build a sustainable business promoting local/domestic products with the top-notch quality offered at competitive prices. From nutrition, herbal cosmetics to art & craft, we offer it all under one roof. The objective of 'Kamree' is to equip our nation with a herbal & healthy range of products produced locally. Thereby, Kamree is more of emotion to us than a mere company.